| Why

  1. Lack of technical expertise kills startups before they have a chance to be born.
  2. Startups are hard. Technical co-founders are rare birds.
  3. Technical co-founders with business acumen who aren't busy starting their own companies are unicorns.

| The problem we are adressing

" How can I recruit a technical cofounder, let alone assemble a development team, when I'm a (pre-)seed company? "

| How are we helping ?

Twice a year, Sentimens evaluates a large number of candidates for VatGrown, our technical acceleration program. Selected startups are placed into a fast-track program designed to produce a working prototype in less than 200 hours, after which we work intensively with founders to refine their pitch for investors.

| Meet the team

With its team of industry veterans, Sentimens can prototype your product, identifying market fit, and connect you with a vast network of clients and investors in record time.

Contact : contact@sentimens.com

Management team

Louis Thibault | CEO Sentimens Europe
  • Activity : Research & Development
Guillaume Collard | CEO Sentimens America
  • Activity : Web Marketing
Vincent Fournier | CMO
  • Activity : Business development
Casey Chance | CTO
  • Activity : Devops